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Facility to order any other colour shrouds you would like. Maximum range is 10 miles on a full battery charge. A second battery pack is available and extends the range up to 20 miles. Top speed of 4 mph. Weight carrying capacity of up to kg 18 stone. Height adjustable seat. There is a waterfall in Highfort and it comes through Garrygurt glen and it is in the parish of Liscarroll and in the barony of Orrery and Kilmore and in the County of Cork. It is called the waterfall because. A chair is placed on the middle of the floor.

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Three takes part in the game. One sits on the chair with a short stick in each hand. The other two players kneel one at each side of the chair. The watch closely to get a pull at his trousers behind the knee he draws at that side. Immediately the other gives a tug at the other side, and he draws at that side. The game continues until one or both has sore knuckles, and there is no desire to prolong the sport further.

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Carraig na gCat is so called because it is said that two cats started at Poll na bFatach and came out at Carraig na gCat and ate one other to the tail. So he sat into the cart and struck away for home which was eight or nine miles away. It is customary to have the remains removed to the local church on the day following the death of a person at a convenient hour in the evening generally about 5 or 6 o'clock. So teh cat was left out of the bag. Thomas Roche was appointed to distribute this food from his shop. Clanchy's liss is round. There are many superstitions in connection with graveyards such as: A grave should never be opened on a Monday, nor the earth "reddened" best speed dating dunmanway Good Friday. The scholars paid the teacher once in the three months. The built them to live in. Long ago there lived a man in this locality who was extremely poor. Then it was flattened to about the thickness of half an inch and made into small cakes which were fried with fat, or butter and eaten hot best speed dating dunmanway taste. This was done in the night and it was styled camp-night.

The player must make the 3 tricks on the one hand of cards. The cards are cut and dealt out in the usual way, 5 cards to each. If you made the sign of the cross with a fasting spittle to a sty in the eye it cured it. If a child has the whooping cough to bring in a goose before the child eats its breakfast and to leave the goose flap her wings three times over the childs back it cures the whooping. The old cure for a nose bleed was to put a bunch of keys down the back of the patient.

A cure practised by people in the country for a whitlow was a plaster of fresh cow manure, the manure was supposed to contain the healing herbs that the cow ate in the pasture. A plaster of soap and sugar was a much used poultice for boils. A cure for the whooping cough was to go out three mornings and the first man you meet with a white horse you ask him - Oh man with the white horse what is your cure for the chin cough and whatever the man told you to do you should do it and the child would be cured A foxes tongue is used to bring out a needle or pin that has got combeaded in a persons body or blood.

A man in our district keeps a foxes tongue for this purpose. The seventh son of the family is called a doctor and is supposed to have a cure. There is an herb called "eye bright" growing in the moss and it is a cure for sore eyes. The cure for a sty is to rub a gold ring to it three mornings in succession.

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Water found on top of a bridge or stone is a cure for warts or to get a bag and put a pebble for each wart into it. And to put the bag at the cross of four roads. The first person who would take the bag would get the warts. The seventh son or daughter has the power of healing. A cobweb was put on a cut to stop bleeding chilblains were rubbed with parrafin oil. A ganders beak put into a childs. Long ago the people made most of their cures form herbs.

One of the cures for toothace was to put a piece of tobacco into the sore tooth. An old cure for whooping cough and thrush was to give the child what a ferret would leave in his plate after eating. There was great faith in Holy Wells for all kinds of cures. People made rounds at the wells and the affected part was washed with the blessed water.

There are several other forms of cures for different ailments such as crawling through an opening under a rock or through a window or under certain bushes or crawling between an animal's legs. The Elder berries of the Elder tree were very much used for making ointment for sores and burns.

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Poultices were used to heal sore fingers, and for. People who get married are supposed not to go to Mass the first Sunday. On their wedding day the bridegroom is to be in the Church before the bride. An old custom was. It is supposed not to be lucky for a bride or bridegroom to go to the bride's parent's house for a month after the marriage.

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When a couple get married the bride is said to go into the farm. I quickly adressed, this fair damsel My jewel come tell me your name for its really to me you're a stranger And I nee'r should have asked you the same I'm a daughter to Daniel O'Connell From England I lately sailed o'er I came to awaken my brethren As he slumbered in Erin's green shores 3 Her eyes are like two sparkling diamonds As the stars of a bright frosty Her cheeks were as red as the roses, and her teeth like the ivory white She resembles the godess of beauty and green was the mantle she wore And it trimmed all around with the shamrocks That grew in old Ireland's green shores.

An old Ancient song sung to me by "Daniel the Piper" O'Sullivan aged 80 years 1 One evening of late as I strayed by the bank of a clear river stream I sat on a bank of primroses where I slept and commenced for to dream I dreamt I beheld a fair damsel whose equals I ne'er saw before And she singing the monks of her country as she she strayed along Erin's green shores. I'll wander up and down Will love and kindness meet me then. In dear Newmarket town. Where here upon the deck I stand. And view the fading shore.

What thought of home and loving friends. That I will see no more. Of kindly deeds and plesant smiles.

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A fast the tears flow down. While thinking now of friends who dwell In dear Newmarket town.

II Shall I no more gaze on those hills. Or roam yon mountain wide. Or stray along the Dalue banks. I trod when but a child. Or view the sun on Mount Hillary Height. Light up the heather brown Before twould fling its fare-well beams In dear Newmarket town. Shall I be as welcome then As I was in days of yore, Among the well remembered paths.

A story was told of what happened to a pair of trousers. The man to whom they belonged had got them for his wedding. The night before he discovered that they were two inches too long. So he went down stairs to his mother and two sisters and told them. They were very busy, and said no more. On the first spare moment that the mother had she went up stairs cut two inches off the trousers, hummed them, and returned down stairs with-out being missed. Just as they were sitting down to eat the eldest sister remembered her brothers request, slipped away quietly, and went and removed another two inches, hemmed as her mother had done and returned without mentioning what she had done.

When bedtime came the youngest girl came, and again another two inches were taken off the trousers. So the story ends, what became of the bridegroom next morning it is not known, whether he went in his shortened. The marriage customs of long ago are very different from the marriage customs of the present days. In the old days marriages were scarcely ever celebrated except in the period of Shrove time. Now-a-days there are marriages at any time of the year except in Lent, or during the months of may which times are said to be unlucky.

There is generally great feasting when a marriage take place mostly at the home of the bride where all the friends of the bride and groom collect before the ceremony, from whence they proceed to the Parish Church in a procession of cars to be married. In the olden times the custom was for the bride and groom to ride on horse-back when coming from the church and all the wedding-guests followed suit.

Marriages take place locally during Shrove-tide and Easter tide. May and August, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are thought unlucky for marriages. Matches are made in our district. Money is given as dowry in most cases. Stock or goods were given years ago. People remember marriages to have taken place in the houses. The people used to race against each other on the way home.

Wives used to sit on pillions with husbands about 70 years ago. A wedding feast is heald in most cases. Confetti is thrown on the bride and bridegroom, and an old shoe is tied on to the car. The wedding feast is usually held in the brides home.

Sometimes a party is given to the friends in the bride's new home. From the 6th of January to Shrove Tuesday people mostly get married in this district. The months of, May, August are thought unlucky for marriages in my district. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, are also thought unlucky for marriages. Matches are made in my district always. About 35 years ago marriages stopped taking place in the houses. Some time ago the people who were to be married used to go to the Chapel on horse back, and used to strike against each other on the way home.

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The man of the house hurried back with the children to find that Ned had just finished the burial. This is continued to the top, each set of rods being shorter than the foundation best speed dating dunmanway, so that the crib comes to a point. Hackensack, New Jersey 17 contributions 2 helpful votes. The queen sent out for him and when he went in, instead of taking off the hump, she put on. See all nearby attractions. It lasted six weeks. Identification may be required. Wonderful Weekend. The old Irish people were much more famous than those of the present day and it is often said that a son or daughter of a family is not at all as wise as the father or grandfather. A cure practised by people in the country for a whitlow was a plaster of fresh cow manure, the best speed dating dunmanway was supposed to contain the healing herbs that the cow ate in the pasture.

Marriages are most frequent in Shrove in this district. Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays are regarded as unlucky days for marriages. Marriages are not frequent in the months of May, October, and December.